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MoonHaw Kennels

Welcome to MoonHaw Kennels


  • Drop-off & pick up is between the hours of 8am - 10am or 5pm - 6pm

  • Daily boarding charges begin on the date of arrival.  

  • If the dog is picked up later then 10am you will be charged for an additional day. If the dog is dropped off between 5pm-6pm there will be no charge for that night. 

  • The boarding rate is $20 per day per/dog. Dogs are in kept in separate runs. If you would like to board multiple dogs in one large run, the rate is $20 for the first dog and $17 for each additional dog.

  • Vaccination records must be presented upon arrival of the first stay, and again any time records are updated.  

  • Required vaccinations include: rabies, distemper and parvovirus. Bordetella (kennel cough) is not required but, if you choose to have your dog vaccinated for Bordetella, the vaccination must be given at least two weeks before the scheduled visit.

  • All dogs must be flee free. We reserve the right to turn away a dog with flees.

  • Upon first visit - a registration form must be completed. You may download a PDF of the Registration Form under the Kennel Registration Form heading below.  You may opt to fill out the form when you bring your dog(s). 

  • Owners must provide food for the entire duration of stay, as changes in food often can cause digestive issues. 

  • Owners may bring along mats/beds or toys to make their dogs stay more comfortable.

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For questions about the kennel of to schedule an appointment please call.         (516) 974-5645 or email moonhawkennels@gmail.com